Perspi-Rock 60g Antiperspirant Natural Mineral Crystal Deodorant

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Perspi-Rock 60g Antiperspirant Natural Mineral Crystal Deodorant 

Perspi-Guard Rock 100% Natural Deodorant is made from potassium alum crystal that is naturally occurring sulphate mineral. As potassium alum is an antiseptic as well as an astringent, it helps prevent bacterial growth that causes body odour. 

100% natural product mined from ancient salt mines in Asia Antibacterial Odour Retarding 

Perspi-Rock is made from natural Potassium alum crystals, which are entirely formed from a naturally occurring sulphate mineral. 

Effective Protection 

These natural mineral salt crystals have been used for hundreds of years and provide effective protection from sweat odours for 24hrs. 

No Chemicals, No Aluminum Chloride or Aluminium Chlorohydrate. 

Neutralise Odours 

Perspi-Rock covers the skin in a microscopic layer of mineral salt which will not clog pores, but gives effective safe protection from sweat and odour. This form of deodorant works to neutralise the body-odour causing bacteria produced when we sweat.

Great Value 

This Rock Antiperspirant is presented in a handy sized case for easy storage and use - perfect for travel. This product will last several months of usage. Simply moisten rock and apply liberally to the skin.

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