Interdental Brushes - 0.7mm pack of 5

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Interdental Brushes - pack of 5 

Interdental brushes can be a better alternative to flossing. They can be used daily and can be more effective regarding plaque removal than dental floss as suggested by a number of studies.

Interdental brushes, depending on their size and shape as well as the surfaces of the teeth, can prove to be effective tools for reducing interproximal plaque. It is an easy product to use and can be a wonderful addition to your daily routine of oral hygiene.

Interdental brushes come with new handle - makes maneuvering in tight spaces easy.

Gives you maximum reach.

Simplifies brush replacement.

Removes plaque from your mouth safely and effectively.

Works with soft-foam refills for post-surgical care, implant maintenance, tissue trauma and medicine application.

Offers portability so you can take it with you on the go.

Helps you reach difficult interdental spaces by changing the angle of the brush head.

Lets you control movements with ease.

Cover that Provides ventilated, hygenic storage .

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