Nitty Gritty NITFREE Comb Nits Removes Head Lice Eggs

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Nitty Gritty NITFREE Comb Nits Removes Head Lice Eggs

Removes ALL head lice, nits, & unhatched eggs

Lifetime guarantee from the manufacturer

No chemicals

Kind to Kids

The Comb has got micro spiral teeth to get the eggs out

Rounded tips won't hurt your scalp


Removes all head lice, nits, and eggs without

pesticides ... it's as quick and easy as:

1 ••• AppIy any hair conditioner to wet hair

2 ••• Part the hair into sections

3 ••• Comb through each section

Clear each section before you move on to the next. Before you begin, use a regular comb to remove any tangles. Combing dry hair is ineffective.

How does it work?

It's simple. And brilliant. The NitFree Comb's 33 round-tipped teeth go through your hair quickly and easily, and the 'micro-spiral' groove in each one gently removes anything that's attached to your hair ... lice, nits and even unhatched 'live' louse eggs. The rounded tips won't scratch your scalp - and just one NitFree Comb is all you need to check and treat the whole family.

Nitty Grity   Made By Mums  ... Kind To Kids!

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