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Underarm Sweat Pads / Dress Shields - 5 pairs per pack

Underarm Sweat Pads / Dress Shields - 5 pairs per pack
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Underarm Sweat Pads / Dress Shields - 5 pairs per pack
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5 Pair Disposable Sweat Pads. Underarm/Armpit Pads sweat Guard / dress shields 

Designed for both men and women.

5 pairs - of quality self-adhesive, disposable sweat pads (also known as Dress Shields) for your armpits / underarms dedicated to relieve your from sweat problems and excessive sweating.

Perfect for any occasion - your workplace, business meetings, interviews, presentations, weddings or a night out with friends. They're also great for theater and dance groups, sporting activities and are an essential item for your holiday. 

Item Features: 

Light weight Portable & Hygienic cotton pads

Strong self adhesive to the clothes, not to your skin

Tackle excessive perspiration problem

Miniseries odors

Can be cut to fit your size

Amazing absorption. Keep you stay cool and dry all day

Maintain your favorite clothes underarm area stain-free

Suitable for all skin types, men, women and children

Easy to use they simply self-stick to the underarm of your dress, blouse, shirt, jacket or top.

They are fully absorbent at the point of contact and ensure no moisture, stains or odours reach your clothing whatsoever - saving you money on expensive dry-cleaning bills too!

Underarm liners/sweat pads are an alternative to antiperspirants. The pads are applied directly to clothing. Underarm liners can eliminate armpit stains sometimes caused by antiperspirants. Underarm liners are also known as underarm shields, underarm pads, sweat guards, sweat pads, dress shields, and pitty protectors.Today's underarm liners include the traditional reusuable (or washable) products. But they also include newer, disposable products.

Disposable sweat pads are offered to both men and women. The thin liner is a "peel and stick" product the user places directly onto the inside of the garment. One side of the liner consists of a plastic barrier with a layer of purposely formulated glue. The other side of the liner is the absorbent side. Constructed with air-laid paper, it rests against the skin of the armpit and absorbs the moisture.


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